Helping a Friend

What If My Friend Is Pregnant?

Women facing an unintended pregnancy often experience initial reactions of fear, anger, and confusion upon learning that they are pregnant. In some instances, women do not realize they are pregnant for several months or are in denial of the pregnancy.

Many times the loving support and understanding of a friend or family member is all that is needed to help a woman dealing with an unintended pregnancy make wise choices.

Often women facing an unintended pregnancy are afraid to share their secret with anyone, even close friends. If you suspect someone close to you is denying or concealing a pregnancy, please reach out to her and offer your support and assistance. By doing so, you may help a woman make a safe choice about her pregnancy.

Call us if you’re not sure how to help your friend. Come with your friend to our center if she is afraid to come alone.

If you suspect someone close to you is in this situation, have the courage to reach out to her to make a difference in her life and the life of the baby.

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